Ny kompakt Fujifilm systemkamera

Fujifilm X-E1 er et kompakt systemkamera ganske lik X-Pro1. Bildebrikken er den samme, men den nye er en god del mindre (omtrent som kompaktkameraet X-100), mangler X-Pro1 sin hybridsøker, men har en vesentlig bedre EVF-søker.

EVF-søkeren (OLED), virker ganske lik søkeren Sony har i A77, A65 og NEX-7. Det nye kameraet blir en god del rimeligere, og har inngang for stereomikrofon.

Vi har ikke mottatt noe informasjon på norsk om Fujifilm X-E1, men her er et redigert utdrag av den engelske pressemeldingen. Det nye kameraet kommer senere i høst, men nøyaktig levering og pris må vi få komme tilbake til.

Fujifilm X-E1 is the second interchangeable camera from the brand this year. Following on the heels of the highly acclaimed X-Pro1, the X-E1 boasts the same 16 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor with top-class OLED electronic viewfinder, a smaller body with built-in flash and the same X mount for the Fujinon XF lens range. In addition, Fujifilm will expand the lens line-up from 3 to 5 in the autumn, and up to 10 in early 2013.

Made in Japan, the X-E1 exudes class and high quality, as can be seen from each of its components. The top and front covers are made from die-cast magnesium for a rigid, yet delicate design. At roughly the same size as the FUJIFILM X100, the X-E1 is refreshingly compact and lightweight (just 350g). Featuring a rubber grip for additional hold, it is a well balanced camera with the X lens mount positioned centrally on the camera so that the weight of the body and the lens is distributed evenly.

Users can turn the aperture ring on the lens with their left hand, and operate the dials for shutter speed and exposure compensation on the top panel with their right hand for quick setting changes without having to take their eye off the viewfinder. Functions frequently used during shooting can be assigned to the Fn (Function) button for a smooth photo shoot.

The X-E1 will be available as a silver and black version, perfect for those who want a cool, retro look to emphasize their own style, and as a solid black version for photographers who would prefer to blend in to their surroundings without drawing the attention of their subjects.

Additionally, the camera features a high-precision built-in flash equivalent to guide number of 7. The use of the proprietary TTL metering system enables indoor shooting of close-up shots with an appropriate amount of light.
Unlike the X-Pro1 with its hybrid multi viewfinder, the X-E1 camera boasts an OLED electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 2.36 million dots, making it one of the highest resolutions available on digital cameras with EVFs. The viewfinder on the X-E1 has a unique lens structure consisting of two glass elements and one double aspherical element, which in conjunction with the OLED offers an incredibly high quality display.

The OLED panel offers a high resolution of 2.36 million dots, with a high contrast ratio of over 1:5000 resulting in rich gradation and faithful reproduction of focus, exposure, white balance and film simulation effects in the viewfinder.

The two glass elements and one double aspheric element used in the viewfinder construction offers an experience similar to an optical viewfinder, with a clear, distortion and aberration free view to all corners of the image.

A wide 25 degree horizontal field of view allows the user to scan the entire scene quickly and easily. The inclusion of a soft resin on the eyepiece allows eyeglass wearers to comfortably use the viewfinder, whilst the diopter dial allows you to adjust the distance between your eye and the EVF, to a position suited to your viewing preference.

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